Hull Cleaning

Fuel Saving is the major reason for making underwater hull cleaning an integral part of planned maintenance. A build up of marine fouling can lead to increased drag, resulting in a detrimental impact on a vessel's hydrodynamic performace and hence the relationship between speed, power performance and fuel consumption.

Fouling, particularly in the case of a prolific build up of 'hard or shell fouling' like barnacles or tubeworm, can cause turbulence, cavitation and noise, frequently affecting the performace of soners, speed logs and other hull mounted sensors.

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Mini Pamper

A versatile, compact hull-cleaning machine, capable of removing mild or tenacious hull fouling from a variety of coatings; including low surface energy coatings which are frequently used on military and commercial vessels. The mini-pamper was initially designed for cleaning accoustically clad submarines where the absence of any anti-fouling paint meant that the mini-pamper had to deal with extreme marine growth without damaging the fragile surface.

The Mini-pamper allows the operator to bring a choice of cleaning heads gently into contact with the hull until they are just cleaning and no more. Having selected the correct cleaning pressure, the machine will automatically maintain this level.

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