Single Brush Machine


The MkII Hydraulic Hand Tool is a multipurpose machine which can be used for many operations. There are several different types of brushes available which can be used for hull cleaning operations in areas that are too tight for access with other cleaning machines, notably around the stern areas.

The optional polishing adaptor will convert the tool for propeller polishing operations and there is a range of pads available for different finishes, all of which can be attached using simple velcro attachments. A shaft adaptor kit is also available that adds a 16mm chuck which can then be used with a variety of attachments such as drills and grinding discs.


The tool is provided with a guarded on/off trigger. A spring detent can be used to lock the trigger in the on position and can easily be released by the driver.

Configuration Options
- Flanged output shaft (standard option) – 6 bolt fixing to suit a range of propeller polishing and hull cleaning brush attachments.
- M30 shaft adapter will accept a range of tooling for surface finishing (abrasive discs), wire brushing and drilling.
- Extension handle to give greater torque control.

  • Dimensions | Length 480mm Width 230mm Height 200mm nominal
  • Weight | 5.5kg in air & 3.6kg in salt water
  • Performance Max Speed | 3200rpm
  • Min Speed | 500 rpm
  • Max working pressure | 172 bar
  • Torque at 3000 rpm | 35 Nm (26 lb.ft)
  • Operating Temperature | Min 0°C/32°F ^& Max 65°C/150°F
  • Return line pressure | 30 bar intermittent (cold oil) & 20 bar continuous (warm oil)
  • Typical hose requirements length | 50m
  • Supply hose | 16mm ID
  • Return hose | 19mm ID
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