We have acquired proven capabilities to provide underwater stern seal replacement and repair services via UMC and the One Ocean™ network. This network has been formed between All-Sea Enterprises, Phoenix International and UMC International to offer a global single common standard of delivery. The One Ocean™ network are strategically situated at key global sites to allow teams to be available at short notice to provide a fast and effective service anywhere in the world, reducing the need to dry dock for this type of repair or maintenance. Through BPM this service can now be offered in Africa.

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Both traditional external lip seals and internal face type seals can be repaired afloat. For the external seals found on most commercial ships, BPM employ a man-entry inflatable habitat that fits around the stern shaft to ensure a dry environment is created for the seal replacement or repair. The system is both lightweight and robust and can fit a variety of vessel sizes and stern configurations from conventional shafts to pod propulsion systems.

The habitat can be transported worldwide and assembled within a few hours while your vessel is at dockside. For internal face seals found on naval vessels and some commercial vessels, we provide a bespoke external sealing system fitted against the stern tube, this allows dry repairs/ replacement of the internal face seals as would be carried out in dry dock.

Underwater stern seal replacement and repair services include:

  1. Lip seals, dry repair and replacement of complete systems including seal bonding
  2. Face seal wet repairs and replacement
  3. Stern tube sealing to faciliate inboard repacking of water lubricated stern seals
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