We maintain both local and International presence with our head office based in the United Kingdom and our regional support offices based in Nigeria and Ghana.

Our offices and marine operations bases across the West African region provide us with the valuable local knowledge we need to operate with maximum efficiency. This has proved especially important when conducting business with foreign ship owners and organisations operating in the West African region.

Round the Clock Support

We pride our self in our ability to provide 24/7 continuous supply and support services. Exploration and production never stops in the offshore industry and neither do we. Our management systems enable us to deliver products and services to our customers, safely, quickly and seamlessly.

Our highly responsive management team understand the nature of the dynamic and constantly changing offshore industry. Our unconditional commitment to safety, people and the environment is the foundation upon which all our operations are based. This is reflected in our certification and accreditation and the company safety culture, which is applied in everything we do.