Twin Brush Machine

A unique and compact diver held twin brush machine that has forward and backward assist technology. The machine complements the Mini Pamper hull cleaning machine, for cleaning rudders etc, but is equally capable of cleaning entire ships hulls. Easy to mobilise and can be powered by BPM's Power Pack (see separate product information). Ideal entry level hull cleaning system.

  • Dimension without brushes | 670mm x 450mm long x 230mm High
  • Weight in air | 23kg
  • Weight in water | 3.5kg buoyant
  • Hydraulic requirement | 0-40lpm at 155
  • Brush diameter | 260 to 300mm
  • Cleaning width | 520 to 600mm
  • Cleaning rate | 800m² per hour

Specification may change due to constant development of the vehicle. For information on the Twin Brush Hull Cleaning Machine please contact BPM.

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