Hydrocarbon Evacuation & Marine Logistics

Hydrocarbon Evacuation &
Marine Logistics Services

Mining and E&P oil companies have their primary purpose, the location and extraction of minerals, oil and gas from previously unknown or uneconomic mines or hydrocarbon reservoirs. Their core skills are reservoir identification, geology, extraction and of course finance. They also specialise in knowledge-based project management in the sense that they must be capable or skilled in all facets of commodity development, from the deposit / reservoir site to the point of sale. As a service company, on the other hand, Blue Phoenix has as its primary assets as follows:

  1. Equipment Sourcing i.e. Ships, barges, trans loaders, dumpers, tugs
  2. Technical Manpower Expertise i.e. Berthing, Loading Masters etc
  3. Complete Inventory Management

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We have limited understanding of reservoir characteristics or geology nor are we asked to. But what we are good at is mineral / oil & gas transportation logistics; the process of making sure what is required arrives where it is required, when it is required. Bigger service companies do this hundreds of times a day at various locations around the world, but we specialise in West Africa and we have testaments to prove that Marine Logistic and scheduling is part of our DNA.

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